Domestic Monthly Phone Service “H2O® Wireless Japan”

Domestic Monthly Phone Service “h2o Wireless Japan

Unlimited Data, Talk and Text Plans starting as low as $30 with No Contract.
Affordable Plans, International Calling, Nationwide LTE Coverage.

6/1 ALL plans are upgraded📣

👑More 4G LTE data at same monthly fee!
👑Lower international call rates = Longer free calls (ex. 2 hours to Japanese cell phone)!
Monthly Plan
(Fee per line *1)
$30 $40 $50 $60
How do you use your phone? Mainly talk or text. Ocassionaly map(GPS), E-mail, and web browing. E-mail with attachment, SNS, map, ocassionaly wach videos or stream music E-mail with attachment, SNS, map, ocassionaly wach videos or stream music Constantly on SNS, upload and download photos, music and apps. Use personal hotspot.
4G LTE Data ** 6GB 15GB 24GB Unlimited *
Unlimited 2G Data
Personal Hotspot - - - *2
Unlimited Talk & Text Nationwide
International Talk to 50+ Countries *3
Unlimited International Text
Free international Talk Credit($5.00) *4

iPhone Visual Voicemail *5

* LTE 30GB/mo.
**Download speeds max of 8Mpbs (LTE)/4Mbps (4G). Videos stream at DVD Quality (480p). *1 2019.05.01 Taxes/fees charged where applicable.
*2 Hotspot feature uses your rate plan's LTE data allotment; 30GB of LTE Hotspot data for $60 H2O Monthly Unlimited plan. After your LTE data allotment is used, hotspot speeds are slowed to 2G speeds for the rest of the plan cycle. Some android device may not work this hotspot feature. Existing $60 H2O Monthly Unlimited plan subscribers will automatically receive the hotspot feature on 11/1/2019.
Unlimited Landline Calling to 50 + Countries
*5 later than iPhone 5 with latest iOS installed model

4 Reasons to choose H2O Wireless!

  • Unlimited domestic talk and text (SMS)
  • Unlimited talk to about 50 countries including Japan landline.
  • Unlimited international text (SMS)
  • Unlimited data

Free International Talk!

Unlimited International Talk to 50+ Countries & FREE

Calling to any country not listed on the unlimited call option is covered by our free $10 or $20 International Talk Credit included in all plan.

Start the service!

  • No SSN, credit history, or security deposit required. All you need is credit / debit card (cash payment available upon request)
  • No annual contract or early termination fee.
  • Set up automatic payment for your convenience.

Online Application FAQ

Internet Problem
Having a trouble with Data (internet not working / slow)? > read more

Data Only Monthly Prepaid Plan “BOLT” Domestic Prepaid Data Plan BOLT

Available Handsets


Nokia 215 4G


Nokia 1.4


Nokia 3.4

Online Application

[Restricted Service]
International roaming is not available.
iPhone devices cannot be used on the network for picture messaging, group messaging or FaceTime. (XR, XS, XSMax,11, 11Pro, 11Pro Max) as of 10.1.2019
Internet Configuration: having a trouble with the internet connection? Make sure your phone is configured.