Japan Wireless-USA provides rental / monthly mobile phone services; cell phones, pocket Wi-Fi, and prepaid SIM cards for locals and tourists visiting United States and Japan.
Our bilingual staff ensure friendly customer support 7days a week.

U.S.Domestic Plans

格安 SIM h2o Wireless

Monthly Phone Plan  

Switch and save ! “H2O Wireless Japan" Unlimited Talk, Text, International Talk, and Data plans starting at $30.

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Wi-Fi Router Rental

Nationwide coverage! 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Rental.

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Smartphone Rental

Can't unlocked SIMcard your phone? Broken phone? Short term rental smartphone.

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Basic Phone Rental

Unlimited talk & text in the US, best for minimum use.

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Rental Services for Japan

Wi-Fi Router Plan


Most Popular! Get 4G LTE data on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or portable video game.

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Basic Phone / Unlmited Talk Plans

Basic phone plan comes with Japanese phone number. All incoming calls are free!

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Smartphone (talk, text, and data) Plan

Plan is currently unavailable

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Japan Travel SIM

Prepaid data SIM card for a short trip to Japan and more.

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Services for Overseas and Other


Global SIM

"AIRSIM" is a data prepaid SIM card that can be used in more than 100 countries.

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Glass Coating

"HARUTO COATING" keeps and adds the sparkle, harden the surface to protect from damaging your phone screen, bags, glasses, shoes and more!

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